I’m not surprised a ‘Hello’ journalist described Mustafa as a ‘genius’. I’ve been having treatments with him for eight years and ‘treat’ is the word – the joy of his reflexology is that it’s so relaxing as well as being diagnostic and therapeutic. I occasionally have bodywork and he’s expert at that too. I’ve always found him to be good- humoured, compassionate and knowledgable. I recommend him whether it’s for specific health complaints or when people need a lift to feel at their best.
Deirdre Boyle

Any friend, member of my family, work colleague that needs support with their physical body in whatever guise, I suggest they see Mustafa. Highly skilled and highly Intuitive Mustafa always works his magic, whether it’s after 1 session or 3 or More sessions. If you don’t have a specific physical issue I would highly recommend you see Mustafa on a regular basis for body maintenance sessions. He is an absolute wonder with magical hands.

Fin Walker

Highly recommend Mustafa! He has a true gift in locating pain points and applying just the amount of pressure and technique to really go deep into troublesome areas. I’ve seen him for both massage and reflexology and left feeling energised on both occasions!

Dyana Najdi

I had a wonderful reflexology treatment from Mustafa. He really knows how to read the map of the feet and I felt amazing after the treatment. There is so many points in the feet that can be manipulated by experienced reflexologist, which can help with well being and make you feel great. He definitely has the knowledge! I highly recommend Mustafa as a therapist!

– Marta MW

Every time I am treated Mustafa, I kick myself for not seeing him sooner. His knowledge of physiology combined with his appreciation of the ailment or tightness, means he can target the right muscles to greatest effect. All done in an easy and relaxed manner so I thoroughly recommend his massage therapy.

Prosper Marr-Johnson

I trust Mustafa implicitly with my body and care. He knows what I need and listens carefully through his touch and has done so for many years. As a dance artist it is crucial that I can work physically, that my body is in tune, and that I feel confident to go forward into my practice without fear of injury and in the best possible shape and balance.

David, Artistic Director

Kind, gentle, thoughtful to a person in pain. My injured foot responded well to treatment. Thank you Mustafa.

Penny, 75

I have been treated by Mustafa during the past ten years, and I am absolutely thrilled how he puts his expansive knowledge effortlessly into practice, resulting in an instant improvement with one’s whole being . If you have been suffering, like myself, with long term work related repetitive strain injuries, please do not hesitate letting yourself into his strong, capable hands.

Ibby, Hairdresser

As seen on the Financial Times:
I don’t go in for pampering spa treatments; I head to the Therapy Rooms for an appointment with Mustafa, who is more of a sports masseur. He really unknots you; it’s twist-your-knee behind your head stuff.

Ilse Crawford, Founder of StudioIlse

The best masseuse in town! Mustafa is a miracle worker and sorts me out every time. I have a longstanding spinal condition which I trust him implicitly with. Mustafa genuinely cares about your holistic well-being and has an extensive understanding of the body. Look no further – he’s the real deal.


This therapist is absolutely amazing and I have had many a massage in my lifetime – including far too poor ones leaving me very frustrated. I have had two of the best neck and shoulder massages of my lifetime with this one. Better than any medicine, he is able to locate the areas requiring work without prompting and leaves one feeling completely healed. I really cannot recommend him highly enough. Outstandingly skilled and highly professional. Don’t spend time thinking about it – book him immediately! Thank you very much indeed Mustafa – the next time I am in London I will be booking again (if you have capacity that is!)

– Natalie Whyte

Mustafa’s massages work magic and always make me regret not booking one with him earlier! He is a kind, calm and accommodating therapist, always making me feel relaxed and taken care of. My body feels light and refreshed after every session, and Reflexology  is my favourite. I highly recommend Mustafa for anyone.

Victoria, Yoga Teacher

I hope you are able to continue offering massages because you are amazing at what you do! It really feels like my body is healing when I have a session with you.


I was so happy to receive your email advising me that you are open once again for business. I was happy for you and I must confess for myself as well.

Over the years my family have grown reliant on your soothing the aches and pains that come with daily life as well as easing out tightened stressed muscles. Your professional expertise combined with your warm hearted laugh and thoughtfulness… well, we have missed you.

We look forward to seeing you very soon

With warmest regards

Ann Marie

Mustafa is an amazing masseur. I had tried many different massages in many different places before I found him and he is by far the best. He is brilliant at working out exactly what places require the most attention and relieving any problem spots.

During my four pregnancies he has always made sure I’m totally comfortable and relaxed. I have to admit I’m so relaxed I have often fallen asleep during his massages!

Best wishes,


Mustafa is an amazing masseur with a sensitive and intelligent touch that shows a deep understanding of the body’s structure and connection. He is incredibly skilled, capable of both soothing relaxing massage and working out deep knots. Considerate, communicative and easily the best massage I’ve had in London
Laura Nicholson, Artist

Following Mustafa for 10+ years!
Mustafa is entirely part of my life, I started to consult Mustafa when I was running a lot and he did magic to my legs, then through my pregnancy and all these years helping me with my back/postural pains. Mustafa is very quick to identify the route cause of the pain and treat it deeply. He is thorough, very professional and would give life style advice too. I highly recommend Mustafa for all the therapies he offers.
Julie Chaneau, Tech

I’ve been seeing Mustafa for nearly 15 years – he truly has magic hands!

I work at a computer a lot and have problems with my neck and shoulders, but a visit to Mustafa always sorts it out. He knows the human body so well and somehow manages to zoom in on the problem right away, working through knots and loosening everything up.

I cannot recommend Mustafa enough. He has the perfect balance of strength and sensitivity – you’re in safe hands.

Sarah Lewis, Graphic Designer

Mustafa is the best masseur in town! So many times over the years I have visited masseurs who don’t really get to work hard and firmly with the presented body issues. Mustafa works very firmly to relieve tension throughout the body. And not everyone wants to talk during their sessions and Mustafa is sensitive to this. I always look forward to my sessions

Philip Robinson, Consultant

I see Mustafa for neck pain as his style is unique and definitely what is needed when I have this pain that leads to headaches, it can be so bad I cannot turn my head. He always manages to loosen the muscles that are tight and restricted, within minutes relief. I would only trust him with neck work as he knows exactly what is needed to help, including medical acupuncture. I recently also had pain in my shin causing my leg to give way, he resolved this quickly and showed me stretches to continue. Absolutely 100% the best therapist for pain relief.

– Francis O’Flynn

As a professional dancer it’s super important to take care of my body and muscles and have been coming to Mustafa for quite a few years now. And can’t recommend him enough. Will always come back to him for treatment

– Naomi Weijand, Dancer Model

I have had a number of Reflexology treatments and back, neck and shoulder massages with Mustafa. The healing effects are immediate! Mustafa is a very focused, attentive and caring therapist. Highly recommend!

– Hazel Biccay

I would highly recommend Mustafa. His friendly, upbeat and very knowledgeable. As a personal trainer who trains hard, Mustafa has helped me over the years to sort out very problematic tight knots. Which has allowed me to stay fit and avoid unnecessary injuries. Thank you Mustafa!

– Helen Kamya, Personal Trainer

Mustafa is terrifically knowledgeable and has helped me stay in my best health for the past 15 years: through a broken arm, a sometimes sore lower back… and just to feel better in general. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

– Eden Collinsworth, Author

I regularly attend Mustafa for massage (for years!) – and highly recommend. During the session I find it as relaxing as a deep meditation, and afterwards all my aches and pains are smoothed out. I rely on it as part of my overall health and wellbeing routine. Mustafa’s massage is a step above anyone else I have ever been to – and you really must try him out!!

– Niamh OKeefe, Consultant and Author

I had a massage with Mustafa when my back problems were giving me a really hard time at work, since I have to stand for 7 hours at a time. He is very skilled in applying the correct pressure to relieve pain and muscle tension, so after the treatment I felt light as a feather! Also, his advice on how to look after my back really helped me in the long run, so I definitely recommend Mustafa for any muscular problems!

– Salma Mahi, Medical Student

Mustafa’s massage treatments always leave me feeling so balanced and rejuventated. His magic hands, professionalisms and ability and quality to listen to me and my body always brings me back. Your go to guy for muscular pain relief or a general reset, I promise you won’t regret it!

– Charlotte Rose, Yoga Instructor

I found Mustafa when I was looking for really strong deep tissue massage to maintain a body too often hunched over a desk. The brain can whiz away nimbly sorting out countless puzzles while leaving the body locked into strange twisted disfigurements. Mustafa unlocks your body and irons it out for you – with just the right amount of strength and compassion and sometimes with enormous patience over weeks and weeks, applying his extensive range of skills and techniques. What Mustafa does is essential to modern living!

– Sophie Mason

I’ve been seeing Mustafa for several years now, at times in agony from an historic back injury, and I can safely say Mustafa is the best bodywork therapist I have ever visited. His knowledge of human anatomy is second to none, and his ability to get you up and walking, no matter how badly injured or in pain you are, is near miraculous. Absolutely worth every penny, indeed don’t waste money with lesser practitioners; see Mustafa.

– Olivia Kirby

Mustafa is a miracle worker. I met him when I had an injury and was in a great deal of back and leg pain. After my first 90 minute session, I was able to walk without limping. After my second session I was literally healed. I can’t recommend Mustafa highly enough!

– Blynn Buckley

Mustafa is a very special therapist. Once you have found him you don’t want to lose him. He is skilled in different therapies so will use the right approach for you. He is strong and can get rright j into those knots of tension, but he is also gentle and intuitive…. it’s a really great balance. Cannot rate Mustafa highly enough but Google will only allow me 5 stars!

Astromouse88 Coleman

For years I’ve been suffering from back pain, following a sporting accident. Having tried various methods to deal with it I was recommended to see Mustafa whose combination of dry needling and sports massage had the immediate effect of relieving the pain. I felt even better after the second session!!!
Mustafa is extremely professional and knowledgeable, he has the ability of identifying the cause of the pain and the best way to heal and manage it. He also recommended a number of helpful exercises and lifestyle hacks, he has been a Godsend, I can’t wait to go back!!

– Sara Zanettou

Mustafa really knows what he is doing, he is very talented and experienced, and had the ability to read the body and what kind of work it needs. This type of deep, intelligent massage therapy makes other treatments seem very superficial by comparison. He is a good communicator but also seems to instinctively understand what to focus on. I can’t recommend him enough. If you are feeling genuinely “in need” of a massage, he is your man.

– Gopali

I have been seeing Mustafa for over ten years, and have recommended him to at least 4 other women with serious back issues. Mustafa is a lovely, trustworthy person and if you want to feel utterly relaxed then book in, but this is much more than a scented-candle kind of experience: he knows his stuff inside-out and for injuries and actual results he is a miracle worker. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

– Chris Koning

I have been seeing Mustafa for 15 years and although now I dont live in London, every time I return I always book in with him for a full body MOT and leave there feeling a completely different person. His expertise combined with calming and kind nature provide for the best experience with him and his reflexology is simply the best I have ever found in any establishment so give it a try too!

Anna Stockton

Mustafa is an excellent masseur! He has a great touch and a remarkable understanding of muscle and tissue pain. He is caring and gentle, experienced and very professional. From our first season, I felt a great relief, and now, after 3 sessions, my extremely painful shoulder and neck are feeling so much better! Very grateful for being treated by him.

Sophie Triantaphillidou

Deep knowledge of anatomy and mixed methods (acupuncture, reflexology, deep tissue, etc.). I have referred Must Massage to all of my friends!

Deepa Iyer