I trust Mustafa implicitly with my body and care. He knows what I need and listens carefully through his touch and has done so for many years. As a dance artist it is crucial that I can work physically, that my body is in tune, and that I feel confident to go forward into my practice without fear of injury and in the best possible shape and balance.

David, Artistic Director

Kind, gentle, thoughtful to a person in pain. My injured foot responded well to treatment. Thank you Mustafa.

Penny, 75

I have been treated by Mustafa during the past ten years, and I am absolutely thrilled how he puts his expansive knowledge effortlessly into practice, resulting in an instant improvement with one’s whole being . If you have been suffering, like myself, with long term work related repetitive strain injuries, please do not hesitate letting yourself into his strong, capable hands.

Ibby Hairdresser

As seen on the Financial Times:
I don’t go in for pampering spa treatments; I head to the Therapy Rooms for an appointment with Mustafa, who is more of a sports masseur. He really unknots you; it’s twist-your-knee behind your head stuff.

Ilse Crawford, Founder of StudioIlse

One of the best thing you can do is, to leave yourself to Mustafa’s magical hands.
He is such a great therapist  and treated my injuries with much care and lots of experiences in sports massage. Thank you Mustafa!


I did hours of treatments with Mustafa Baygun, where I explored physical recoveries and spiritual transportations. 


Mustafa’s massage helped me so much and I appreciate him for fitting me in at short notice. My back/neck still isn’t back to normal but it has significantly improved. I feel far more relaxed and the pain has gone now. I can’t wait to go back for a preventative massage!


Thank you for the treatment today, I always leave feeling so good so thank you.


Mustafa’s massages work magic and always make me regret not booking one with him earlier! He is a kind, calm and accommodating therapist, always making me feel relaxed and taken care of. My body feels light and refreshed after every session, and Reflexology  is my favourite. I highly recommend Mustafa for anyone.

Victoria, Yoga Teacher

I hope you are able to continue offering massages because you are amazing at what you do! It really feels like my body is healing when I have a session with you.