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Advanced Deep Tissue Massage

DTM is a type of bodywork characterised by firm, constant compression and deep strokes applied parallel to the muscle fibres.
Its penetrating form of therapeutic touch helps in relieving tension in muscles that are chronically tense due to emotional trauma, injury or repetitive movements.

Swedish Massage 

This classic massage therapy is a system of relaxing massage for the muscles and joints. It involves long, gentle kneading strokes to release tension from the muscles of the body. 
Some of the benefits of this practice include an increase of blood circulation, providing relaxation, and decreasing muscle tension and stress.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

MLD is a highly specialised form of massage, which uses light, rhythmical precise hand movements, sequences with zero pressures at a skin level to influence the direction towards the heart and speed of lymphatic flow. 
The Lymphatic System is very complex and it integrates with other body systems like the urinary system, the circulatory system and the immune system.

It facilitates the waste removal at a cellular level and assists with bringing nutrients and oxygen to the cells. 
Benefits of MLD is a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system, a stimulation of the flow of lymph which, in turn also stimulates the activity of the lymphatic tissue, boosting the immune system too.

Sports Injuries Massage

Sports massage is a combination of remedial, therapeutic and specific advanced techniques, making it more rigorous than a traditional massage type.
It’s a very interactive therapy, making the client work with the therapist to increase flexibility and range of motion ( ROM) through stretches and muscle energy techniques ( MET). It’s the ideal massage type for not only athletes, but for anybody involved in any sports or physical activities.

A pre-sports massage helps you prepare your body before engaging in any exerting activity, to ensure good blood supply for optimal performance. 
A post-sport massage helps reduce muscle soreness and speeds up healing time, making it good for any recovery.

Remedial Massage ( RM)

RM is for those with injuries or chronic pain that require a specialist treatment to get optimum result; remedial therapy can be done over a series of sessions.
It’s a targeted treatment for the muscles, tendons, ligaments of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management.
It’s the perfect treatment when you have chronic pains, aches, knots or discomfort emanating from your muscles.

Mustafa is one of the best massage and athletic therapists I have consulted. I have seen many therapists for previous injuries and maintenance as I do weight lifting and was an athlete for many years. He listens actively to the complaint, as well as to what the muscles tell him when he assesses, and he explains the biomechanics of what may be causing the issue. If you are looking for real relief and proper work on the muscles, not just a fluff massage, consult Mustafa. I have not tried his other types of therapies offered, but with the great experience I’ve had with athletic therapy and deep tissue massage, I have no doubt his other tools are just as phenomenal. Finally, not only is he an amazing therapist and genuinely cares about his clients, he also has a kind soul and that shines through when he speaks to his clients. Thank you, Mustafa!

– Sarah B

Price List

Deep Tissue Massage£100£150
Holistic Massage£100£150
Pregnancy Massage£100£150
Sports Remedial Massage£100£150
Massage + Acupuncture (Dry Needling)£100£150
Manual Lymphatic Drainage£100£150
Indian Head Massage£100£150
Facial Reflexology£100£150
Natural Face Lift£100£150

Course Deals

Course Treatments

3×60 mins – £90 per sessions – total £270

3×90 mins – £140 per sessions – total £420

A course of treatments payment can be made via bank transfer. Contact via email or WhatsApp

Dry Needling ( Medical Acupuncture)

Dry needling is also known as Intramuscular Stimulation, which is an invasive procedure consisting of inserting fine filiform needles into certain points across the body to relieve spasms and reduce irritable muscles.
The needles will remain in the skin for a short period of time. 

Using dry needling in combination with manual therapy can help reduce pain and provides flexibility. This practice is not the same as traditional acupuncture, though both uses filiform needles in the skin to encourage healing and pain relief. Western medical acupuncture (Dry Needling) is an adaptation of the Chinese Acupuncture therapy. Some studies have shown that dry needling provides more relief than a placebo treatment. 

Indian Head Massage (IHM)

IHM also known as Champissage (massage of the head) originated in the rich Indian culture thousands of years ago.
This gentle form of relaxing treatment uses acupressure on the head, face, neck, shoulders and arms. It aims to rebalance the body’s energy as well as making you feel detached, serene and clear-headed. 
IHM benefits are: stimulation of the lymphatic drainage, tension, headache and insomnia reliefs.

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Reflexology & Foot Massage 

Reflexology is a type of treatment that involves applying different amount of pressure to the feet, hands or face.
It’s based on a theory that these specific body parts are connected to specific organs and body systems.
When the pressure is higher than the requirement, it creates pain near the pressure point or in that part of the body. When the congested reflex areas are treated, the experienced Reflexologist will adapt the pressure to the pain levels of the client.

Reflexology can make you feel tender, sensitive or give you crunchy sensations on the feet. It can indicate what area of your body is out of balance. The Reflexologist will use a special finger/thumb manipulation to stimulate the reflex points and repetitive thumb techniques to help the whole body go back into its balance.

Pregnancy Reflexology and Massage

After the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, once the foetus has settled, it’s a good time to look at starting massage therapy  or reflexology. This unique therapy is a great way to help the mother and the baby through this special time. 

Reflexology is a useful modality, due to it being a non-invasive therapy. It will help enhancing both well-being during pregnancy and in preparation for the birth. It can also help to restore and boost recovery in the postnatal period.

Facial Reflexology (FR)

FR can be very powerful, due to the faces close proximity to the brain and the Central Nervous System. This deeply relaxing treatment combines pressure points with very best and most effective ancient & modern face lifting massage.

FR techniques stimulates the circulation and the release muscle tension to help you look better, younger and promote a healthy facial glow. It can also benefit a variety conditions including: headaches, migraines, insomnia and more. Combined with IHM, it will deliver magnificent results.

Review from Hello Magazine

  • Muscular aches and pain relief;
  • Sports injuries and rehabilitation; 
  • Postural assessment; 
  • Neck, shoulders and back pain; 
  • Muscle tension, knots and headaches;
  • Face, body and pregnancy treatments;
  • Remedial therapy to enhance wellbeing & wholeness.

One of the best thing you can do is to leave yourself to Mustafa’s magical hands. He is such a great therapist and treated my injuries with much care and lots of experience in sports massage.
– Dilek